Let's Take A Look at the Competition

By:Jacob Milhorn


Your website is one of nearly 2 billion other websites. Billion, with a ‘B’.

That’s intimidating. How are you supposed to orchestrate the design, building, development, strategizing, monetizing and actually compete with the nearly 2 billion other sites out there?

It’s a feat, that’s for sure. Now, there are lots of tools that you can use to do it.

You have probably seen commercials for do-it-yourself website builders that let you design your website all by yourself.

These stand-alone builders are just part of the reason that the web has exploded. Take a look at just how many websites have been made since 2000:


It makes you wonder just how many of those websites out there were built by some starry-eyed new business owner who didn’t have a clue what he was doing.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am writing this because I want your business. I want the honor of designing, building, and developing a strategy for the web that fits your business.

So call me biased. But the big problem with DIY web builders are that they lure the business owner into a false sense of security – they make you think that operating an online business is simple and easy.

Think about it this way: anyone in the entire world with internet access (say, at your local library, even) can go onto one of these sites and build a website. It may even look okay. But it will sit there, never being seen by anyone ever.

“It must be noted that around 75% of websites today are not active…”
-- netcraft.com

When you set out to establish your business online, you need to integrate a real strategy with your website. It’s not just about how it looks that’s important. There is a lot of great technology out there that you can be leveraging to make the web work for you.

You will need to be able to consistently bring in people to see your site and interact with it. You need to be able to measure this activity and make changes to your site accordingly.

In truth, it’s a full-time job.

You are the owner of your business. And your smart. You know that you need to be working on your business, not in it.

We want to be on your team. You are the expert in your business. Our business is the web. Strategizing, Designing, and Implementing. Why not leverage our best for your business?

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