Get To Know Us

Jacob Milhorn, Lead Dev & Design

Hi there, my name's Jacob. I am the lead web developer and designer here at Hyperion Web. I have been interested in business and entrepreneurship for as long as I can remember.

As technology continues to progress, it becomes clear that leveraging the web will be a central part of any real business strategy. But its overwhelming! Never before has there been so much seemingly good technology out there for non-developers. This seems like it would make it better for business owners, but its actually harder to get the web working for you!

These DIY builders make you think that the web is simple and that success will happen overnight. This is typically not the case. So what did I do? I learned web development. From the ground up. It wasn’t easy - and the truth is it is always ongoing because the web is an everchanging, dynamic system.

I did this so that you don’t have to learn web development. I created Hyperion Web as a platform for entrepreneurs like you to learn the ins and outs of leveraging the web in a simple straightforward fashion that puts you into control of the business decisions while we take care of the details.

Hyperion Web simplifies the bigger picture of the web as it applies to marketing your business.

We have a bunch of tools for you to do this. If you are totally new to Hyperion, start here! It will give you a broad look at our philosophy when we approach building for the web and teach you what the basic components are.

We also have a database of articles that range from all of the major web disciplines- publishing engineering, e-commerce and production. There is lots of new stuff on the way, so be sure to check it out.

In short, our mission, and my personal mission, is to close the gap between what Web developers know and do within their process and what entrepreneurs and business owners need to understand in order to achieve their goals when it comes to their website's impact on their business.

Max Hahn, Sales & Marketing

My name is Max Hahn and I am currently leading the charge at Hyperion for Sales and Marketing. For the last decade I have worked for a Fortune 500 company in the automotive industry. My background is in manufacturing operations and supply chain which has absolutely nothing to do with web site development.

When I initially was asked to be a part of this team, I did not believe that my skill set, and experience could add much value. After taking a step back though and looking at this from a business perspective for every company to be successful you need have satisfied customers.

In my experience, you need more than a quality product to have customer satisfaction. If you do not meet customer deadlines you lose customers. If your communication is terrible you lose customers. There as so many ways to lose customers but only one way to keep them. You keep customers by doing what you say you are going to do. That is what I bring to the table. Hyperion will not only give you a great product but also the customer focus that is needed to make your business successful.

Scout Tosi, Marketing & Ad Campaigns

Hi! My name is Scout and I specialize in marketing and communication. I have experience in curating and managing ad campaigns, fundraising events, writing, crisis communication, and project management. Some of my favorite projects include planning and editing an alumni magazine for a local private high school and creating strategic plans for reaching target audiences.

My approach to marketing and communication is to be an active listener. Only by active listening can you fully understand the customer and in turn create a strategy that fits their unique situation and struggles.

3 fun facts about me: 1.) I'm named after the main character in To Kill a Mockingbird and if you haven't read it, you should! 2.) I have a deep love for nature and animals. My happy place is hiking with my husband and Irish Setter 3.) I'm a bit obsessed with podcasts. You can hear me say multiple times a day, "I heard this interesting thing in my podcast today..." and proceed to tell you all about it. I look forward to listening to your story and finding the best way to market and communicate for your business.

Core Values